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Move Fast and Break Things (2022)

Duration: 3'

Instrumentation: harp and live electronics

Information: “Move fast and break things” was a motto coined by Mark Zuckerberg, used internally within Facebook to encourage innovation and vision. This piece is not about that motto. Move Fast and Break Things is inspired by Randall Monroe’s commentary in his webcomic xkcd (see The piece aims to capture the physicality and sonic consequences that might occur when moving fast and/or breaking things. For the thrill of danger, the electronic media features many sounds that you might hear if a harp was broken during performance. Don’t worry though- even with all that fast moving, nothing will actually break...

Move Fast and Break Things

Move Fast and Break Things

Sheet music for this piece is available on a pay what you can basis. Donate any amount $0 or more and receive an email with instructions to access the score, Max patch, and cues. A suggested donation is provided.

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