Sonification of Police Violence Data

America can not be free until we are all free. This rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner shows what our national anthem would sound like if the voices reflected 2019 police violence data. In the wake of historic oppression and rampant violence in 2020, these things must be said: Black lives matter. End Police Brutality. Justice for all. Please consider donating to Color of Change, Black Voters Matter, National Bail Fund Network, Black Visions Collective (or many others).

Sonification Methodology: "Sonification" is the act of conveying information or data through an auditory (musical) medium. I began by dividing our SATB recording of The Star-Spangled Banner into 365 time chunks, with each chunk corresponding to a day of 2019. Then, using the 2019 police violence data from, I removed one level of harmony (in the order Tenor, Alto, Bass, Soprano) from each time chunk for every 2 people killed on the corresponding day. The more people killed, the less you hear our anthem. 

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