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where else i'd rather be (2022)

Duration: 11'

Instrumentation: mezzo-soprano and harp

Information: where else i’d rather be is an expression of fantasy and escapism. Each movement explores a different haven: a physical, mental, or spiritual space of healing. From sublime fiction to mindful reality, the songs present a series of idealized places beyond the realm of everyday frustrations.

I. At the Hypnagogic Boundary [where else i'd rather be]
II. i [where else i'd rather be]
III. In Which a Girl and Her Book Are Not Easily Parted [where else i'd rather be]
where else i'd rather be
Ari Schwartz

where else i'd rather be

Sheet music for this piece is available on a pay what you can basis. Donate any amount $0 or more and receive an email with instructions to access the score and parts. A suggested donation is provided.

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